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First Edition Design Publishing is a hybrid publisher that falls between traditional and self publishing - the best of both worlds!

First Edition Design Publishing (aggregator) formats, converts and submits your book to over thousands of eBook and POD (PRINT) distribution points worldwide and to the top internet retailers including but not limited to - Apple, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Google, Ciando, OverDrive, e-Sentral, EBSCO and more. We format and convert your book to the different requirements of each distribution partner, including custom ePub files. We will assign a custom ISBN for your eBook and or POD (PRINT) publication, as well as register and submit your title to the Library of Congress (LCCN). All academic publications receive a DOI. Also provided are bar codes and minor editing. (see FAQs for details) We also can provide QR codes upon request. We accept all manuscripts for review, that does not mean we accept all titles for publishing. We do not censor content, but do reserve the right to edit formatting and structure to meet the standards of our distribution partners. We do require a digital version of your manuscript, however we do offer print to digital services if needed and data entry typing if you have a hand written manuscript.. See our packages tab at the top of this page for details.


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POD / Print on Demand, eBook and Audio Book Publishing

First Edition Design Publishing currently accepts academic, poetry, novels and non-fiction. We also publish children's books in various sizes, including landscape 11 x 8.5. Please visit our FAQ’s for proper format requirements.

We accept orders from over 92 countries. We strategically have 12 print houses worldwide to meet all your shipping needs.

If your book is specialized, we will place it into distribution venues geared specifically for your book. As an example, we have venues that specialize in genre specific areas such as Academic, Sci-Fi, Crime, Poetry, etc.

We do not just send your title through an automated computer generating process, ALL pages of every title are reviewed and worked manually with human eyes.

All languages are welcome for submission including Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese.

All languages are welcome, however we will request an independent third party to verify content which is done at a nominal fee.

We have the Largest Distribution in the Industry Worldwide


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Marketing, Interviews, Reviews, Graphic Design and more

What better way to market your book than with these great products. Professionally created and printed sell sheets, bookmarks, postcards, business cards, posters, etc. All come with full color custom graphic design. Package deals available for additional savings. NEW - Now offering Press Release services and Author Spotlight Interviews. Our marketing pros will write, release and distribute for one low cost.

Please email us for a custom quote on marketing items that are not listed on our packages page.

We offer optimized web sites under a custom domain built around you and your book. Each web site created includes a FREE one year license on the domain name. Ask about our "book graphics" for use on your web site or signature line.

Looking for reviews? - We have an awesome program for you! Check out our NetGalley Program on the 'PACKAGES' page.

Sample Layouts

Cover Art Samples





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Welcome to first.edition.design.publishing.
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Give readers what they want - In today’s world, readers demand options. If your content is only available in print, you’re missing sales – and vice versa. Inventory-free print on demand combined with traditional print and digital distribution ensures that your content is always available in the format readers want.

First Edition Design Publishing will save you time and money while receiving professional services and products. We are licensed Apple developers, approved aggregators for Apple, Amazon, Nielsen and Google, Microsoft Solution Providers, SEO Certified and hold a host of other professional certifications and licenses. Our team of professionals each average 20 years experience, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to each client. We have never lost sight of our objectives and that is to bring the latest technology to the small business at affordable pricing.

Submissions are subject to net proceeds from retailers advertised royalties. First Edition Design does not control net proceeds through distribution points. However, from time to time we are able to negotiate better rates, and pass that savings on to our clients. First Edition Design Publishing does not retain any royalties. The average eBook retained royalty will be 70% and the average POD (PRINT) retained royalty will be 60% - 70%. Royalties are paid out quarterly with no minimum required.



In order to use our services you must agree to our Terms and Conditions as well as own rights to your book in order for First Edition Design to publish electronically.

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"Journalism is just a gun. It's only got one bullet in it, but if you aim right, that's all you need. Aim it right and you can blow a kneecap off the world."
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“A genuine concern for my success. First Edition Design Publishing has a wish list for everyone to succeed. And with that mindset there's no doubt in my mind that my book will be a winner!”

– Ray Shasho - Sarasota, Florida
Author of Check the Gs.


First Edition’s commitment went light-years beyond the call of duty, and they made my book look incredibly professional (and believe me, they had their work cut out!).

- Hamish Crawford - Calgary, AB, Canada
Author of A Madhouse, Only With Elegant Jackets


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Meeting all your publishing, distribution and submission needs. First Edition Design Publishing eBook and POD services.
Apple, Lightning Source, Nielsen, Ingram, Ciando, e-Sentral, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, POD, Ebook, Publishing, Barnes and Noble, Google Play, EBSCO, 3M, Kobo, Baker and Taylor, Pro Quest, Hive, Gardners Books, Library of Congress